What’s this blog about?

This is my road trip blog and my WordPress development blog.

All road trip posts before October 2012 are also here, in my older blog.  The main attraction in that blog is the detailed saga of my trip to Istanbul for heart surgery.

All posts and pages before October 2012 may be found here, in my other blog.  The old blog includes:

A note of continuity is that my October 2012 trip to Istanbul (not technically a road trip :) described here in the new blog is a follow-up to the health saga in the old blog.  While writing the posts for that trip, I really, really wanted embedded images. I haven’t minded pure text narratives for road trips, but Istanbul is so outside my usual experience and such a visual delight that pictures seemed essential. I’ve never been happy with standard WordPress image handling. It’s ok I guess for some uses, but for me, I already have all my images carefully sized and labelled and categorized in WHUFU, so it’s annoying and wasteful to have to catalog them again in the Media Library. So I implemented my own shortcode to grab images from the WHUFU database, display them by their embedded thumbnail and link back to WHUFU and created this new blog to show them! I am utterly pleased with it, and in the spirit of WHUFU I’ll probably enhance and extend it for  more connectivity.

I could’ve hammered this code into the old blog, but as you may have experienced, a blog can get really cluttered with stuff after a while, so I decided to start with a clean slate.  So here it is!

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